Premonitions - Clarity within the Chaos of the Mind


I have been gifted with just a few premonitions in my life thus far and wow.. they are such interesting experiences!  The first one I remember having I was around 12 years old and I was riding in the car with my mom, looking out the window.  It seemed as if all the sudden time froze and then I saw a brief moment into the very near future. And when time froze - I saw the on-ramp to the freeway a couple miles away from us.  In this moment a car was coming up the ramp to enter onto the freeway, as well as a truck behind it.  The car put its brakes on because there wasn’t enough space to merge onto the freeway and then the truck collided into the back of the car… and then I came back to the present moment, feeling a bit confused as to what just happened. Within the next couple minutes we were passing this on-ramp.. and exactly the “vision” I had happened. Exactly. This has been a profound moment of my life.. and only now am I beginning to dive into understanding it more.

One of the more recent premonitions happened about a year and a half ago, beginning of 2018.  I was in the midst of a transition and had just applied to a dream job/an answer to prayers, that I felt in my gut I would get. In a moment of washing my hair I was hit with the same, hard to describe sensation. It’s either time standing still or almost a feeling of being taken into the future while my body remains here in this moment.  This premonition showed me getting the job, who my partner would be, some of the training days in the office headquarters and then premonition proceeded to go into hyper speed, I witnessed the moments and events of the daily job on the road, but so fast I couldn’t hold onto much of it.  This premonition fast forwarded until sometime after I had ended this temporary dream job and I was walking into a sunlit, all white apartment that I was moving into. I looked out the window and the premonition stopped.. I returned to my body, hands frozen to my lathered head. I stood there in just in awe and excitement!

This is the longest premonition I’ve ever had, that also spanned a longer period of time.  The even crazier part is I am in the midst of living out this premonition now.  Everything with the job, the partner, and experiences I could recall happened almost exactly as I previously witnessed.  Now, I am currently in the section of the story that was being fast forwarded through.. and honestly it’s not an easy moment. I’ve been feeling a bit defeated and lost. I’ve been living in Costa Rica the last 8 months and I started to think maybe this ending of walking into this apartment had changed due to choices and life factors.. but now it’s become increasingly clear I need to make a big change again.  Life is making it well-known what isn’t working. I want so badly to understand more about what direction to take, but I feel im stumbling around in the dark trying to find the light switch.  

But today I realized something.. I am not in the dark. I have been shown many details of a future path that has been freakishly accurate.  For whatever reason this part of the journey has not been shown to me, maybe because it would’ve discouraged me from making the choices to go down this path…? What I do know is this vision into my future was a rare gift that I needed to acknowledge again. I realized all the answers from the Universe I’ve been asking for have already been given to me and I need to take a breath and just freaking trust. I need to let my intuition guide me and show me the way. And I also realized that maybe I haven’t arrived at the end of this chapter yet, maybe whatever leads me to walking into that beautiful new home is still in the works, and maybe that’s what’s happening now.

These moments, for me, aren’t like watching a movie I actually feel I am experiencing them, the view, the sensations, the emotions.  They are so real it seems impossible to doubt them. I have this deep intuitive feeling that this is real and that there is some deeply loving force behind it all. I’m not sure why I get them or what I am supposed to do with them, if anything. But overall I’ve felt really grateful for the peace they provide. I still don’t know all the answers but I’ve re-installed my sense of faith in this life and that the Universe always has and always will have my back.

Have any of you had something similar happen? What are your experiences and conclusions?

In love + service,